Hi to All.

CLOSED FOR ANNUAL SUMMER HOLIDAY UNTIL 8th OCTOBER you can still place an order 

as emails are being monitored.

The new Kolibri brushes are selling well, with some excellent reports and this range will be expanded again demand lead.

Unfortunately not all news is good and we have had to give in to the 2018 Kcolor price list so

we have a price list over view so please refer to that for the current prices. On the plus side we 

are keeping prices ex VAT still on all orders for the rest of the year.

I dont like to end on a bad note so here’s two good ones. A top class review has been done by up and coming reviewer James Cann on Kcolor paints on an eduard BF109 G4 and what a fantastic job he has done and will soon be published in Model Aircraft Monthly and Scale Modelling News sokeepaneye out for that. Its an honest unpaid for review without any influence from us in any way other than I selected the Kit. All i can say is wow and check out the following link you will need to type it in !!.

and if you subscribe to Scale Modelling Now the review is published on their site

Finally we have listened to our customers and the Catalogue is currently under going a major revamp yes its too big, messy and quite boring so things will change its going to be jazzed up and more reader friendly. Its still going to be big becuase of all the wonderful products so it will take a month or so and we have holidays coming up but we will get there.

In the mean time happy modelling and dont forget any questions just email us or give us a call.

Steve & Kev