Corvette C7R 2015

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Corvette 2015 C7R

Revell Corvette C7R 1/25th built out of box no aftermarket.

Base coat of black primer (200) also using Pure Black (328) on some interior and engine bay etc.

Body has a primer coat of Ivory (203) then a coat of Aluminized (609) followed by the top coat of Toxic Green (new paint avaiable soon) the a wet coat of XW100 super gloss.

Wheels are black primer (200) with XW100 gloss coat over the top.

Red is (341) with a coat of XW100 

Wing mirrors are (341) for the red and the mirror part is black primer (200) followed by Metallic black base (600) then Metallic 61 Shine (606) then finished off with XW100 clear coat a lot of work but what a result.

Our new two pack super gloss finish will be available soon so make sure your on our mailing list.

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